Ferment (the Novel)


by Chris Minnick

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Author Chris Minnick exposes the gritty events and strange characters that inhabit a small traveling circus in his new novel, FERMENT. Set in the recent past, the book provides a glimpse of what life might be like in the final days of a once-great institution of American entertainment.

Chris Minnick says of the book, “Whether you love them or hate them, clowns and the circus stir up intense emotions and curiosity. What’s hiding behind the makeup? What goes on after the audience goes home? I did no research for this book, and I’ve never been to a circus. Many writers try to present ‘unfiltered’ views of their subjects. With FERMENT, I tried to paint the most filtered version of the circus possible. This is the circus as I imagine the best and worst possible versions of it to be.”

Told as a series of 48 short vignettes, FERMENT bounces between past and present and between the ordinary and the extraordinary with playful and deceivingly simple language. The mysteries of the circus bubble up throughout the story’s twists and turns as the reader is drawn into a troubled world of people, institutions, and morals on the edge of collapse.

Minnick’s style has been compared to that of Kurt Vonnegut or Charles Bukowski. Readers who enjoy reading about quirky, raw characters and unfamiliar situations will love Ferment.

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